Statistical Surveys

Local sales data, delivered to your dealership.

The Dealer Analysis Report (DAR), powered by Statistical Surveys, provides local sales and competitive market data — customized for your dealership. Members of the Boat Trader and network have exclusive access to data that allows marine retailers to compete more intelligently, advance their inventory strategy and improve overall ROI.

Dealers who use the DAR are armed with local market data for up to 25 counties and four boat types. The reports, available on a monthly and quarterly basis, identify current trends in consumer buying behavior and allow retailers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Why is data important?

Knowing what boats are moving where and when is the fastest way to improve your business. Our data can improve your inventory stocking decisions and provide insight about your competition's performance.


Know how you are performing against other dealers in your area. The Statistical Surveys team of data experts can help you calculate that market share and shift your focus to your weaker areas.


By looking at boat sales data right down to the zip code, you can understand where you need to spend your advertising dollars.


We can help you customize data to fit your dealership's needs. The Dealership Analysis Report allows you to choose exactly what boat types and counties you want to study, so you get the most relevant data.

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